South Coast California Wildlife Areas That Allow Hunting

South Coast California Wildlife Areas for California hunting seasons

On this page, you’ll find South Coast California Wildlife Areas that allow hunting but only for “authorized species.” For each one, we specify its county and designation as a Type AType B, and Type C area. Finally, we provide a list of counties in South Coast California, which is Region 5 of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Click here for other Regions.

South Coast California Wildlife Areas

This Section includes a list of South Coast California Wildlife Areas that allow hunting, as well as links to our hunter-friendly pages for each location. There, you’ll find practically everything you need for hunting, including what, when, where, and how you can hunt there. In addition to direct links to supporting laws, we include general hunting regulations for each species. We also provide area contact info, driving directions, custom maps, and local rules for using bikes, boats, campers, firearms, lotteries, permits, reservations, and much more!!

    1. Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area
    2. San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area

Counties in CDFW Region 5

South Coast California Wildlife Areas include those in Region 5 of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The Region includes the five counties listed below.

South Coast California Wildlife Areas for California hunting seasons
CDFW Region 5, South Coast California Counties
    1. Los Angeles County
    2. Orange County
    3. San Diego County
    4. Santa Barbara County
    5. Ventura County

HELP!! While we do our best to include all South Coast Wildlife Areas, we might miss some or make a typo. If so, please leave a reply in the comment box below.

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