Northeastern Waterfowl Zone

Waterfowl Hunt ZonesOn this page, you’ll find info on the Northeastern Waterfowl Zone in California. Topics include:

  • Public Hunting
  • Seasons & Limits
  • Waterfowl Zone Map

Seasons & limits


Image of white and dark geese in California
White and dark geese

Public Hunting Areas

National Wildlife Refuges

  1. Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
  3. Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

State Wildlife Areas

  1. Ash Creek Wildlife Area
  2. Bass Hill Wildlife Area
  3. Biscar Wildlife Area
  4. Butte Valley Wildlife Area
  5. Cantara/Ney Springs Wildlife Area
  6. Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area
  7. Doyle Wildlife Area
  8. Grass Lakes Wildlife Area
  9. Honey Lake Wildlife Area
  10. Shasta Valley Wildlife Area
  11. Willow Creek Wildlife Area

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