Martis Creek Lake Special Management Area

The Waterfowl Zone in which you are hunting determines the seasons, bag limits, and possession limits. One of the zones has several Special Management Areas. On this page, we’ll cover special rules when hunting within the Martis Creek Lake Special Management Area (SMA).

Area Boundaries

The boundaries of the Martis Creek Lake SMA include the waters and shoreline of Martis Creek Lake, which is located in Placer and Nevada counties. See 14 CCR § 502(b)(6)(E) and the map below.

Seasons & Limits

Waterfowl seasons in the Martis Creek Lake Special Management Area.

The seasons for hunting Ducks and Geese are the same as those in the Balance of State Waterfowl Zone. The same is true for daily bag limits and possession limits. Warning shot!!! However, opening day is closed until November 16. See 14 CCR § 502(d)(6)(B)(5).

Waterfowl Zone

The Martis Creek Lake Special Management Area is located within the Balance of State Waterfowl Zone.

Public Hunting Areas

The United States Army Corps of Engineers regulates waterfowl hunting and other activities within Martis Creek Lake. Click here for a summary of local hunting rules. For other hunting areas at or near Martis Creek Lake, see our custom map.

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