Hunting California Military Bases for Deer and Elk

Hunting California Military Bases for Deer and ElkOn this menu, you’ll find info for hunting California military bases for mammals like deer and elk. Some are only for military personnel, but others allow public access. For now, we’ve identified five military bases that allow hunting.* Follow the links below for base-specific rules for what you can hunt and restrictions to general hunting laws for birds and mammals.

  1. Beale Air Force Base (under construction).
  2. Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps (military-personnel only)
  3. Camp Roberts, Cal. Army/National Guard (military and public)
  4. Fort Hunter Liggett, U.S. Army (military and public)
  5. Vandenberg Air Force Base (under construction)

* For each base, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has entered into wildlife management agreements with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).  Each plan is subject to annual review but currently includes  opportunities for hunting deer and tule elkWarning shot!!! These opportunities are restricted by the hunter’s military status, age, and method of take, as well and the animal’s gender. See FGC §§ 3450, 3451, 3452, and 3453; and  14 CFR § 640.

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