Pine Creek Wildlife Area Hunting Rules, Maps & Tips

Pine Creek Wildlife Area entrance sign

On this page, you’ll find just about everything you need to know about hunting at the Pine Creek Wildlife Area (WLA), including driving directions, hunting maps, local rules, links to general rules, photos and trout fishing info. Warning shot!!! You definitely need a truck to drive in the area and 4-wheel is highly recommended


About the Area

Pine Creek Wildlife AreaPine Creek is about 6 miles southeast of Alturas off Highway 395 in Modoc County, California. The telephone number is (530) 225-2300. Use our custom map to find the exit road, hunting boundaries, and northeastern waterfowl zone.

Pine Creek is a Type C wildlife area located within the CDFW Northern Region (Region 1). For disabled hunters, there is wheelchair access to the restrooms and fishing platforms. It’s about 2,000 acres that includes a 25-acre reservoir. See 14 CCR § 551(b)(77).

General Rules

The rules and procedures cited on this page for the WLA either add to or further restrict general federal and State hunting rules, and general use rules for visiting wildlife areas.

Warning shot!!! Pay special attention to rules for Type C wildlife areas. You might need to carry a permit to hunt here. If so, you’ll see a self-registration booth. There may be additional rules posted at the Area, like information kiosks and road signs.

Authorized Species for Hunting

Warning shot!!! The CDFW has a webpage, but it’s a bit misleading when it comes to what you can hunt and how you can hunt them. See Don’t be misled by CDFW webpage hunting symbols! and

Pine Creek Wildlife Area fishingPine Creek Wildlife Area deer huntingPine Creek Wildlife Area quail hunting


All Legal Species

Pine Creek Deer HuntingYou’re allowed to hunt all legal species at the Pine Creek WLA. See 14 CCR 551(e)(3) re Type C wildlife areas. Follow the links for general federal and State hunting rules like seasons, bag limits, shooting hours, and hunting methods. In addition to DeerDovesGrouseQuailRabbits, and Antelope.

Hunting Rules

In this Section, you’ll find rules that apply to hunting at the Pine Creek Wildlife Area. Warning shot!! Don’t forget to review the general use rules for Type C wildlife areas, like this one.

Hunt Areas

Pine Creek Wildlife Area boundaryYou can hunt anywhere within the legal boundaries of the Pine Creek Wildlife Area. Use the map below to get into the Pine Creek Wildlife Area. When leaving, you should find yellow signs like the one pictured to the right.

The Silver Creek, Surprise Valley, and Fitzhugh Creek wildlife areas are nearby, and Pine Creek is surround by BLM Land and the Modoc National Forest.

Hunt Days

Pine Creek is open daily for hunting during open seasons.

Hunt Map

Pine Creek Wildlife Area Hunting Area
Legal Boundaries

The CDFW map is for general guidance only, but you can use the Map of Geometry or click here for instructions on how to use it.

Hunter Quota

There’s no quota on the numbers of hunters that can enter the Pine Creek Wildlife Area.


Pine Creek Wildlife Area entrance
Cattle Grate Entrance

You don’t need a permit to hunt at the Pine Creek Wildlife Area, just cross the cattle grate.

Waterfowl Zone

Pine Creek Wildlife Area pine creek
Pine Creek

The Pine Creek Wildlife Area is located in the Northeastern Waterfowl Zone, which determines the seasons and bag limits for ducks and geese.


Pine Creek Wildlife Area Pine Creek Reservoir
Pine Creek Reservoir

You can fish for wild trout at the Pine Creek Reservoir. It’s also stocked with hatchery-raised trout. For disabled visitors, there’s wheelchair access restrooms and fishing platform.

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    1. I know there’s an entry sign that says hunting and fishing is permitted. As far as I can tell, you don’t need an “entry permit.” The regs say the CDFW can require an entry permit for Type C wildlife areas, but the regs are silent for Pine Creek. When an entry permit is required at Type C areas, there’s typically a self-registration booth but I couldn’t find one there. It seems to me like you just park right outside the cattle grate (which is past the Reservoir) and walk in and start hunting. To drive further into the wildlife area, you definitely need a good truck with a lift and 4-wheel drive is highly recommended. To hunt big game, though, you need a tag and might need a special permit (e.g. antelope). Some hunting methods (e.g. crossbows) might also require a permit (e.g. Disabled Archer Permit). I hope that answers your question.

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