French Valley Wildlife Area Hunting Rules & Tips

French Valley Wildlife Area

On this page, you’ll find just about everything you need to know about hunting at the French Valley Wildlife Area, including driving directions, legal boundaries, local rules, and links to general rules.


About the Area

French Valley Wildlife Area Driving Directions.The French Valley Wildlife Area is about 5 miles northeast of Temecula, south of Lake Skinner, in Riverside County, California. The telephone numbers are (760) 200-9174 and (760) 872-1171. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) webpage is Use our custom map to find the self-registration booth.

French Valley Wildlife AreaThe French Valley Wildlife Area is a Type C area located within the CDFW Inland Deserts Region (Region 6). It’s about 700 acres of coastal sage scrub, southern willow scrub, grasslands, eucalyptus woodlands, and prior dry-land farming agricultural lands. It has rolling hills with elevations from 1,300-1,600 feet. See 14 CCR § 551(b)(37).

Authorized Species & Hunting Methods

The CDFW doesn’t show everything you can hunt or how you can hunt it. It only shows the symbols pictured below. For an explanation of CDFW symbols, see Don’t be misled by CDFW webpage hunting symbols!

 French Valley Wildlife Area shotgun restrictionsFrench Valley Wildlife Area quail hunting

All Legal Species

French Valley Wildlife Area dove hunting.From the CDFW symbols, it would appear you can only hunt quail. The CDFW webpage mentions you can also hunt rabbits and doves. According to the regulations, though, you can hunt all legal species. See 14 CCR 551(e)(3). Follow the links below for topics like hunting seasons, shooting hours, hunting methods, and other places to hunt.

  1. California Quail.
  2. Rabbits.
  3. Doves.

Hunting Methods

French Valley Wildlife Area firearms restrictionsAccording to the regulations, all legal firearms and archery equipment is allowed unless restricted in Section 551(r). There are no restrictions in that Section for the French Valley Wildlife Area. However, the CDFW webpage restricts firearms to “Shotguns only.”

French Valley Wildlife Area archery equipment, bows and arrows, falconry, and trapping.It’s unclear whether the CDFW is intending to restrict the use of archery equipment, falcons and traps, which are generally allowed at Type C Wildlife Areas. Warning shot!!! Contact the area before using those methods. Refer them to 14 CCR § 550(cc)(4)(B) [archery is not restricted in Section 551(r)], 14 CCR § 550(dd)(2) [falconry is allowed per general hunting and falconry regulations], and 14 CCR § 550(ee) [trap are not restriction in Sections 551(o) or 551(f)].

General Hunting Rules

For hunting in California, you must comply with all federal, State, and local hunting rules. In this Section, we cover those general hunting rules. For hunting on public land, each area can add and/or further restriction the general rules. For local rules, see Area-Specific Rules and Restrictions below.

State Hunting Rules

French Valley Wildlife Area quail hunting.There are California hunting rules applicable to birds and mammals. Those rules relate to topics like seasons, bag limits, shooting hours, methods of hunting, and permits. To find those rules, go to our menu for All Hunting and select the bird or mammal you wish to hunt.

Federal Hunting Rules

French Valley Wildlife Area Dove Hunting.There are federal hunting rules applicable to to all migratory birds, which are birds that tend to migrate across State lines. Migratory game birds include ducks, geese, doves (western mourning and white-winged), band-tailed pigeon, and snipe. To find those rules, use our summary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Topics relate to activities like field dressing, methods of hunting, and shooting hours.

Wildlife Area Hunt Rules

French Valley Wildlife Area bicycles and bikes.There are general State rules applicable to all Wildlife Area. For all Type C wildlife areas, like the French Valley Wildlife Area, there are general rules for activities like biking, camping, falconry, passes, permits, reservations, shotguns, target shooting, trapping, vehicles, and wood cutting. To find those rules, follow the links above.

Area-Specific Rules & Restrictions

French Valley Wildlife Area Hunting Registration BoothIn this Section, you’ll find additional rules and/or restrictions for hunting at the French Valley Wildlife Area. Warning shot!!! You also have to comply with any that are posted at the information booth and signs. Also see the Section above for Authorized Species and Hunting Methods.

Hunt Days

In general, you can hunt daily on Type C Wildlife Areas. According to the CDFW webpage, though, the French Valley Wildlife Area is “Closed to hunting February 1 – August 31.” Also see 14 CCR § 551(q) [hunt days not restricted in Section 551(o)].

Hunting Area

French Valley Wildlife Area Closed ZoneAccording to the CDFW webpage, you can only hunt on the west side of Buck Road. Do not hunt in the Habitat Conservation Area.

french-valley-wildlife-area-boundariesThe CDFW map is for general guidance only. Click here for instruction on how to view the legal boundaries. Use our custom map to find the self-registration booth.



Permits & Fees

French Valley Wildlife Area Self-Registration BoothA permit is required to enter the French Valley Wildlife Area. Get it from the self-registration booth. Fill out the registration card and pay the fee, if required. Take your portion of the card with you into the field. When you’re finished hunting, complete the card and put it in the box.

French Valley Wildlife Area Hunting Permit and FeeWarning shot!!! All applicable rules are incorporated by reference into your permit and are a condition for use. See 14 CCR § 550(b) [fees], 14 CCR § 550.5(c)(5), and 14 CCR § 551(a) [permits].

Other Activities

According to the CDFW, you can also go to the French Valley Wildlife Area for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and hiking.

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