Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area Hunting Rules

On this page, you’ll find just about everything you need to know about hunting at the Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area (WLA), including driving directions, hunting maps, local rules, and links to general rules.


About the Area

The Crocker Meadows WLA is located about three miles south of Beckwourth in Plumas County. The telephone number is (916) 358-2900. Use our custom map to find driving directions, access points, parking lots, and boat launches for both parcels.

The Crocker Meadows WLA is a Type C wildlife area located within the CDFW North Central Region (Region 2). It’s over 1,700 acres consistently of sagebrush, bitter brush, black oak, yellow pine at lower elevations, Crocker Meadow at upper elevations, and two seasonal streams that drain onto the property.


General Rules

Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area
Driving Directions

The rules and procedures cited on this page for the Crocker Meadows WLA either add to or further restrict general federal and State hunting rules, and general use rules for visiting wildlife areas. For this area, pay close attention to rules for Type C areas.

You need a permit to hunt here and all of those rules are incorporated into your permit as a condition for use. Warning shot!!! There may be additional rules posted at the Area, like check stations, information kiosks, and road signs.


Authorized Activities

Warning shot!!! The CDFW has a webpage, but it’s a bit misleading when it comes to what you can hunt and how you can hunt them. See Don’t be misled by CDFW webpage hunting symbols! and Meadows Wildlife Area quail huntingCrocker Meadows Wildlife Area pig huntingCrocker Meadows Wildlife Area deer huntingCrocker Meadows Wildlife Area waterfowl hunting


All Legal Species

As Type C wildlife area, you’re allowed to hunt all legal species. See 14 CCR 551(e)(3). According to the CDFW, you should find the species listed below. For seasons, bag limits, shooting hours, hunting methods, and more, follow the links below to our pages of general hunting rules. For area rules and restrictions, see the Sections below.

  1. Crocker Meadows Wildlife Areas pig hunting seasonsDeer (mule).
  2. Pig.
  3. Ducks.
  4. Geese.
  5. Dove
  6. Quail (mountain).
  7. Grouse
  8. Tree squirrel
  9. Coot.
  10. Moorhen


Hunting Rules

In this Section, you’ll find additional rules or restrictions for hunting at the Crocker Meadows WLA.

Camping and Trailers

Camping and trailers are not allowed at the Crocker Meadows WLA.

Hunt Days

The Crocker Meadows WLA is open daily for hunting during open seasons.

Maps & Hunting Units

Use our custom map for directions to the units, legal boundaries, and other areas to hunt.

Legal Boundaries
Legal Boundaries
Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area South Unit
South Unit
Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area North Unit
North Unit


NOTE: There are no area-specific regulations for the Crocker Meadows WLA.


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