California Wildlife Area ADA Waterfowl Blinds

California Wildlife Area ADA Waterfowl BlindsOn this page, you’ll find a list of California Wildlife Area ADA Waterfowl Blinds, accessible by mobility-impaired hunters. If unused, some are available to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, able-bodied hunters usually have to yield to disabled hunters that show up later.

  1. Gray Lodge has four (4) blinds Wildlife Area.
  2. Grizzly Island has two (2) blinds.
  3. Honey Lake has two (2) blinds.
  4. Imperial has four (4) blinds.
  5. Mendota has seven (7) blinds even though the regs say there are six and the CDFW map only shows four; see our Google map.
  6. Los Banos has two (2) blinds.
  7. San Jacinto has two (2) blinds.
  8. Shasta Valley has one (1) blind.
  9. North Grasslands has two (2) blinds.
  10. Upper Butte Basin has three (3) blinds at the Little Dry Creek Unit and two (blinds) at the Howard Slough Unit.
  11. Yolo Bypass has one (1) blind.

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