California Waterfowl Hunting Zones Map

Bag limits for California goose hunting seasons, California duck hunting seasons, including California Waterfowl Opening Weeking

Waterfowl” is defined in California as a category of game bird that only includes Ducks and Geese. On this menu, you’ll find everything you need to know about hunting waterfowl, including authorized hunting methods, license, stamps, seasons, bag limits, hunting zones, hunting areas, hunting tips, and more. On this page, we have a California waterfowl hunting zones map, plus a map with legal boundaries. That’s important because waterfowl zones determine the hunting seasons and bag limits. It’s also important because there are “Special Management Areas” with there own set of rules for hunting certain species, like brant, snow geese, and specklebellies. Finally, we include “Warning Shots” to help keep you legal.

Waterfowl Zones

There are five zones for hunting Ducks and Geese. California waterfowl hunting zone maps are at the bottom of this page.

  1. California Waterfowl Hunting Zones Map for ducks and geese.Northeastern California.
  2. Southern San Joaquin Valley.
  3. Southern California.
  4. Colorado River.
  5. Balance of State.

Special Management Areas

There are seven “Special Management Areas” that affect certain species of waterfowl, like brant, snow geese, and specklebellies. California waterfowl hunting zone maps are in the next Section.

  1. California Waterfowl Hunting Zones Map for special management areas.Brant (Balance of State).
  2. Humboldt Bay South Spit.
  3. Imperial County.
  4. Martis Creek Lake.
  5. Morro Bay.
  6. North Coast.
  7. Northern Brant.
  8. Sacramento Valley.

California Waterfowl Hunting Zones Map

California Waterfowl Hunting Zones MapOn the right is an image of the California zone map from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Warning shot!!! As the map states, it’s only for general use. You can find the legal boundaries in Sacramento or at 14 CCR 502(b). However, most of us can’t just drive to California and don’t have time to map it out from the law. To make it easy, we make custom maps (see below), and include hundreds of public hunting areas.

The CDFW uses the California waterfowl hunting zones map  to set up duck and goose seasons. However, they use regions to organize public hunting areas (pictured right). As a result, it’s hard to determine the season for some of those areas, especially in the Northeaster zone. For your convenience, we’ve mapped out the legal boundaries, and included some public hunting areas that are near the boarders.