California Upland Game Bird Stamp

Upland Game Bird Stamp for California snipe hunting seasons.

Most people are required to purchase and carry a California Upland Game Bird Stamp to hunt upland game birds:

  1. Chukar.
  2. Doves.
  3. Grouse.
  4. Pheasant.
  5. Pigeon.
  6. Ptarmigan.
  7. Quails.
  8. Snipe.
  9. Turkey.

Who needs a California Upland Game Bird Stamp?

California Upland Game Bird StampIn the past, hunters were required to purchase an actual stamp.  Today, most hunters have to buy an Upland Game Bird Validation, which is printed onto the hunter’s license. Youth under the age of 16 (know as “juniors“) are exempt from the requirement if hunting with a valid Junior Hunting License.

(Click here for description and fees from the CDFW.)

Where can I get an Upland Game Bird stamp?

An Upland Game Bird Validation must be purchased from the CDFW, either online, from a license office, from a license agent, or by telephone at 800-565-1458.  Hunters can still collect an actual stamp by sending a request to the CDFW.

Warning shots!!!  Upland Game Bird validations are NOT sold at Wildlife Area Check Stations.  For more information, go to CDFW’s description and fees page.

How much does the stamp cost?

For most hunters, the cost of an annual Upland Game Bird Validation in 2015 is $9.46.  For hunters with a lifetime hunting license, there is a onetime fee of $210 (lifetime privileges cannot be transferred to another person). After buying the validation, the stamp itself is free upon request. Anyone else can buy the stamp for $6.25 ___

For more information, go to CDFW’s description and fees page and click here to collect your stamp..

What do I do with the stamp when hunting?

When hunting upland game birds, you have to carry your California hunting license with the Upland Game Bird Validation.

Where are the regulations for the Upland Game Bird Stamp?

FGC § 714


(f) Upon payment of a base fee of two hundred ten dollars ($210), a person holding a lifetime hunting license or lifetime sportsman’s license shall be entitled annually to the privileges afforded to a person holding a state duck stamp or validation issued pursuant to Section 3700.1 and an upland game bird stamp or validation issued pursuant to Section 3682.1. Lifetime privileges issued pursuant to this subdivision are not transferable.

FGC § 3682.2

(a) Upon full implementation of the Automated License Data System, the department shall continue to prepare, or have prepared, upland game bird stamps depicting upland game birds.

(b) Any person who obtains an upland game bird hunting validation pursuant to Section 3682.1 is entitled, upon request, to receive an upland game bird stamp at no additional charge.

(c) Any person may purchase an upland game bird stamp for a fee of six dollars and twenty-five cents ($6.25), as adjusted pursuant to Section 713.

(d) Possession of an upland game bird stamp obtained pursuant to this section does not entitle the holder to take any upland game bird species.

FGC § 3684

(a) The Upland Game Bird Account is hereby established within the Fish and Game Preservation Fund.

(b) All funds derived from the sale of upland game bird hunting validations and upland game bird stamps shall be deposited in the Upland Game Bird Account to permit separate accountability for the receipt and expenditure of these funds.

(c) Funds deposited in the Upland Game Bird Account shall be available for expenditure upon appropriation by the Legislature to the department. These funds shall be expended solely for the purpose of acquiring land, completing projects and implementing programs to benefit upland game bird species, and expanding public hunting opportunities and related public outreach, including, but not limited to, enhancing upland game bird habitat. Any land acquired with funds from the Upland Game Bird Account shall be acquired in fee title or protected with a conservation easement and, to the extent possible, be open or provide access to the public for upland game birdhunting. The department may also use funds from the Upland Game Bird Account to pay for administrative and enforcement costs of the programs and activities described in this section. The amount allocated from the account for administrative costs shall be limited to the reasonable costs associated with administration of the programs and activities described in this section.

(d) The department may make grants to, reimburse, or enter into contracts or other agreements as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 1571 with, nonprofit organizations for the use of the funds from the Upland Game Bird Account to carry out the purposes of this section, including related habitat conservation projects.

(e) An advisory committee, as determined by the department, that includes interested nonprofit organizations that have goals and objectives directly related to the management and conservation of game bird species and primarily represent the interests of persons licensed pursuant to Section 3031 shall review and provide comments to the department on all proposed projects funded from the Upland Game Bird Account to help ensure that the requirements of this section have been met. The department shall post budget information and a brief description on its Internet Web site for all projects funded from the Upland Game Bird Account.

(f) Upland game bird projects authorized pursuant to this section are not subject to Part 2 (commencing with Section 10100) of Division 2 of the Public Contract Code or Article 6 (commencing with Section 999) of Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code.

(g) The department shall maintain the internal accountability necessary to ensure compliance with the collection, deposit, and expenditure of funds specified in this section.

FGC § 13005


(c) Upon issuance of a lifetime license or lifetime privilege issued pursuant to Section 714, 3031.2, or 7149.2, the department shall transfer the following amounts from the Lifetime License Trust Account to the Fish and Game Preservation Fund:


(10) Six dollars and twenty-five cents ($6.25) for one upland game bird stamp or validation issued pursuant to Section 3682.1.

14 CCR § 600

Licensed Game Bird Clubs. No licensed game bird club utilizing domestically reared game birds may be operated in this state except under a license issued by the department and under the provisions of this section. Domestically reared game birds include only the following: Pheasants of the species Phasianus colchicus, including all ring-necked pheasant races, Indian chukar, domestically reared wild turkey, Hungarian partridge, bobwhite quail, Coturnix quail, and other such species as may be designated by the Fish and Game Commission.

(a) General Provisions for All Licensed Game Bird Clubs, Including Zone A and B Clubs.


(4) Shooting Permit Requirement. No person may hunt domestically reared game birds on a licensed game bird club without having in possession a valid hunting license, a valid upland game bird stamp and a valid game bird club shooting permit issued by the licensee or an agent authorized by the licensee (see subsection (a)(9)). The shooting permit shall include the following information: name, hunting license number, and date(s) permit is valid.

14 CCR § 600


(b) Release and Take of Birds. Notwithstanding Section 671.6 of these regulations, bobwhite and coturnix quail, domestic pigeons, and the following domestically reared game birds may be released and/or taken during dog training or organizational field trials in accordance with subsections (b)(1) through (b)(5) of this section, general resident game bird regulations, or licensed game bird club regulations: pheasants (Phasianus colchicus), including all ring-necked pheasant races, chukar, Hungarian partridge and captive-reared mallard ducks.

(1) Hunting License Required. Each person taking domestically reared game birds must possess a valid California hunting license. In addition, each person, except holders of junior hunting licenses, taking Hungarian partridge, ring-necked pheasant, and chukar must possess a valid Upland Game Bird Stamp.

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