San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Tule Elk
Tule Elk

The San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex has two Refuges that allow waterfowl hunting: the (1) Merced and (2) San Luis.

The Merced NWR has two waterfowl hunting units:

  1. Merced (Spaced-blinds)
  2. Lonetree

The San Luis NWR has seven waterfowl hunting unit:

  1. Blue Goose
  2. East Bear Creek
  3. Freitas North
  4. Freitas South
  5. Kesterson
  6. San Luis
  7. West Bear Creek

Some of those units allow other recreational activities.  For example, (a) the San Luis Unit allows hunting for pheasant and snipe, plus auto tours for waterfowl and tule elk; (b) the Kesterson Unit allows pheasant hunting; and (c) the West Bear Creek Unit has an area designated for sportfishing.

From the menu for National Wildlife Refuges or the links above, you will find general info about each refuge and unit, alphabetical summaries of the conditions for use, compilations of applicable rules and regulations gathered from multiple resources, as well as other useful links.

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