Franks Tract State Recreation Area

On this page, you’ll find a summary of area-specific rules, regulations, an procedures that supersede the general use regulations for State Recreation Areas (link to our summary). Hunting is allowed subject to the following restrictions:

  • CDFW Region: Region 3 (Bay Delta)
  • Closures: there is NO hunting in the following locations
  1. Little Franks Tract: the 330 acre island, which is bounded on the south and west by Piper Slough, on the North by False River, and on the east by the open water portion of Franks Tract State Recreation Area
  2. Southwest: from Little Franks Tract, 2,000 feet north of Piper Slough, southeast 2,000 feet east of Piper Slough levee to the junction of Holland Island levee.
  • Map: available at the Delta District office, located at Brannan Island State Recreation Area
  • Season: only from the opening day of duck or goose season, whichever is earlier, through closing day
  • Species: only for waterfowl

[14 CCR § 4501(h)]

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