Sierra National Forest

General Info

  • CDFW Region: Region 4 (Central), Region 5 (South Coast) and Region 6 (Inland Deserts)
  • County: eight counties including and between Tuolomne County, Kern County, Mono County, and Inyo County
  • Headquarters: Clovis, CA (559) 297-0706
  • Ranger Districts:
  1. Bass Lake RD: North Fork, CA (559) 877-2218
  2. High Sierra RD: Prather, CA (559) 855-5355


  • Authorized Species: all legal species, but the following are emphasized:
  1. Goose hunting in California
    Goose Hunting

    Big Game: black bear and whitetail deer

  2. Small Game: rabbit and tree squirrel
  3. Upland Game Birds: California quail, mountain quail, blue grouse, band-tailed pigeon, dove, and Turkey
  4. Waterfowl: ducks and geese (Zone: Balance of State except in Kern County, which is in the Southern San Joaquin Valley Zone)
  • Maps: click here
  • Regulations: all Federal, State, and local law.  Warning shot!!!  Click here for a summary of general USFS regulations.
  • Webpage: hunting

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