California Hunting License Suspensions

On this page, you find info about California Hunting License suspensions for violations in other states through the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact.


If your hunting, fishing or trapping license gets suspended, you also lose your privileges in 43 states that participate in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. If you go to one of the other states and buy a license, for example, you could get cited in your home state and have your gun taken away. Even if you’re not convicted, it could take several years to get your gun back, especially since it take federal clearance by the Department of Justice. Worse yet, you could get convicted of a felony and end up in prison. The same applies to California Hunting License suspensions.

If you need help, contact our in-house wildlife attorney. Also see California Hunting License.

States Excluded from the Compact

As of January 2013, the only states with no immediate plans to join the IWVC include those listed below.

  1. California hunting license suspensions from other states.
    California Hunting License Suspensions


  2. Delaware
  3. Hawaii
  4. Maryland
  5. New Hampshire
  6. New Jersey
  7. Rhode Island



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