California Hunting Attorney & Advocate

California hunting attorney

Legal Labrador is California’s leader in the field of hunting rules and laws. Our California hunting attorney is here to answer your questions. If charged with a potential hunting violation, he can also defend you in court.


Our California hunting attorney offers legal support to hunters and fishermen. He also advises people, business, and groups that serve the hunting industry. Our legal briefs take the guesswork out of hunting. We have them for general hunting rules, including licensingseasons, bag limits, and methods of hunting. You’ll find them for every Bird and Mammal that’s legal to hunt in California. For big game, we cover things like hunting methods, tags, and zones. For birds, we cover California duck stamps, federal duck stamps, and game bird stamps. We also cover rules for hunting on public land and private land. Finally, we offer support to people like taxidermists, hunting guides, hunting club owners, and food processors.


Our California hunting attorney is Wesley Green. Since 1999, he’s been winning major cases against the government. Mr. Green has beaten the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). He has a special nose for hunting laws because he’s also an avid hunter and fisherman. Legal Labrador was founded to make it easier for you to find all federal, state, and local laws. We organize them for the way hunters want to read them. Mr. Green and his hunting buddies also provide tips based on their own hunting experiences.


If you receive a hunting citation, contact our California hunting attorney soon as possible. Send him an email at You can also reach him by telephone at (559) 577-4522. Be prepared to provide a copy of your citation. Also have a copy of your hunting license.

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  1. I am part Native American and I have a bear skin that has been passed down through my family. I know it is illegal to buy and sell a bear skin in California, but is it illegal for me to possess it under these circumstances??

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