California Dove Hunting Public Land

California dove hunting public land and dove decoys

On this page, you’ll find about California dove hunting public land at 220 locations. We have them organized by regions of the State that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife uses. They include BLM land, wildlife areas, national parks and forest, lake areas, ecological reserves, and other public land. For each area, link to our page for local hunting rules and procedures. Also see our page for dove hunting for seasons, bag limits, shooting hours, methods of hunting, and everything else you need to know about dove hunting.

Regions for California Dove Hunting Public Land

CDFW Regions for California dove hunting public landThere are many opportunities for California dove hunting public land. For convenience, we’ve sorted them by the six regions of the CDFW. Warning shot!!! Follow the links below for local hunting rules.

  • Region 1: Northern California dove hunting public land.
  • Region 2: North Central California dove hunting public land.
  • Region 3: Bay Delta California dove hunting public land.
  • Region 4: Central California dove hunting public land.
  • Region 5: South Coast California dove hunting public land.
  • Region 6: Inland Desert dove hunting public land.

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Region 1. Northern California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Alturas (BLM land near Alturas).
  2. Ash Creek Wildlife Area.
  3. Bass Hill Wildlife Area.
  4. Biscar Wildlife Area.
  5. Black Butte Lake.
  6. Butte Valley Wildlife Area.
  7. Doyle Wildlife Area.
  8. Honey Lake Wildlife Area.
  9. Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife Area.
  10. Klamath National Forest.
  11. Lake Mendocino.
  12. Lassen National Forest.
  13. Madeline Planning Unit (BLM).
  14. Merrill’s Landing Wildlife Area.
  15. Modoc National Forest.
  16. Mouth of Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area.
  17. Paynes Creek Recreation Area.
  18. Pine Creek Wildlife Area.
  19. Sacramento River Management Area (BLM).
  20. Shasta Management Area.
  21. Shasta Valley Wildlife Area.
  22. Silver Creek Wildlife Area.
  23. South Fork Eel River.
  24. Susanville (BLM land northeast of Susanville).
  25. Tehama Wildlife Area.
  26. Trinity Management Area – Tunnel Ridge and North of Trinity River (BLM).
  27. Whiskeytown National Park.

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Region 2. North Central California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Auburn State Recreation Area
  2. Black Butte Lake
  3. Cache Creek Natural Area (BLM)
  4. Cache Creek Wilderness
  5. Collins Eddy Wildlife Area
  6. Colusa Bypass Wildlife Area
  7. Cow Mountain Recreation Area (BLM)
  8. Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area
  9. Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area
  10. Eldorado National Forest
  11. Feather River Wildlife Area
  12. Fremont Weir Wildlife Area
  13. Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
  14. Hallelujah Junction Wildlife Area
  15. Hope Valley Wildlife Area
  16. Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
  17. Indian Valley Wildlife Area
  18. Indian Valley/Walker Ridge Recreation Area (BLM)
  19. Mendocino National Forest
  20. New Hogan Lake
  21. North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve
  22. Plumas National Forest
  23. Sacramento Bypass Wildlife Area
  24. Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge
  25. Sacramento River Wildlife Area
  26. Smithneck Creek Wildlife Area
  27. Spenceville Wildlife Area
  28. Stanislaus National Forest
  29. Sutter Bypass Wildlife Area
  30. Truckee River Wildlife Area
  31. Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area

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Region 3. Bay Delta California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Canada de los Osos Ecological Reserve
  2. Cedar Roughs Wildlife Area
  3. Decker Island Wildlife Area
  4. Grizzly Island Wildlife Area
  5. Knoxville Recreation Area
  6. Knoxville Wildlife Area
  7. Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area
  8. Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area
  9. Putah Creek Wildlife Area
  10. Rector Reservoir Wildlife Area
  11. White Slough Wildlife Area
  12. Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

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Region 4. Central California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Big Sandy Wildlife Area
  2. Camp Roberts
  3. Carrizo Plain National Monument
  4. Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve
  5. Chimney Peak Special Recreation Management Area (BLM)
  6. Clear Creek Management Area
  7. Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area
  8. Domeland Addition Wilderness
  9. Eastman Lake
  10. El Paso Mountain
  11. Fort Hunter Liggett
  12. Hensley Lake
  13. Hunter Valley Mountain Recreation Area
  14. Jawbone Canyon/Chuckwalla Mountain
  15. Keysville/Isabella Lake Special Recreation Management Area
  16. Kiavah Wilderness
  17. Kinsman Flat Wildlife Area
  18. Laguna Mountain
  19. Little Panoche Reservoir Wildlife Area
  20. Los Banos Wildlife Area
  21. Los Padres National Forest
  22. Mendota Wildlife Area
  23. New Melones Lake
  24. North Grasslands Wildlife Area
  25. O’Neil Forebay Wildlife Area
  26. Owens Peak Wilderness (BLM)
  27. Panoche Hills Management Area (BLM)
  28. Pine Flat Lake
  29. Pleasant Valley Ecological Reserve
  30. Rand Mountain Management Area (BLM)
  31. Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern (BLM)
  32. Sacatar Trail Wilderness
  33. San Joaquin River Gorge Special Management Area (BLM)
  34. San Luis Reservoir Wildlife Area
  35. Sequoia National Forest
  36. Sheep Ridge (BLM)
  37. Sierra National Forest
  38. South Fork American River
  39. Stanislaus National Forest
  40. Stockdale Mountain
  41. Stone Corral Ecological Reserve
  42. Success Lake
  43. Temblor/Caliente Mountain Range (BLM)
  44. Tumey Hills Management Area (BLM)
  45. Tuolomne Planning Unit (BLM)
  46. Walker-Monache Pass (BLM)
  47. West Hilmar Wildlife Area

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Region 5. South Coast California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Angeles National Forest
  2. Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve
  3. Camp Pendleton
  4. Cleveland National Forest
  5. Coal Canyon Ecological Reserve
  6. Los Padres National Forest
  7. McAlmond Canyon/Hauser Mountain (BLM)
  8. McCain Valley (BLM)
  9. Otay Mountain Wilderness
  10. Otay Mountain Ecological Reserve
  11. Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve
  12. San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area
  13. Walker Canyon Ecological Reserve
  14. Ysidro Mountain Area

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Region 6. Inland Deserts California Dove Hunting Public Land

  1. Adobe Valley Area (BLM) (East of Granite Mountain Wilderness)
  2. Afton Canyon Natural Area (BLM)
  3. Amargosa River/Canyon Natural Area (BLM)
  4. Argus Range Wilderness (BLM)
  5. Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve
  6. Big Maria Mountain Wilderness
  7. Bishop Field Office (Inyo National Forest)
  8. Black Mountain Wilderness (BLM)
  9. Bristol Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  10. Buttermilk Country Wildlife Area
  11. Cadiz Dunes
  12. Camp Cady Wildlife Area
  13. Cartago Wildlife Area
  14. Cibola National Wildlife Refuge
  15. Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness
  16. Chocolate Mountains, Southeast (BLM)
  17. Chuckwalla Mountains (see Jawbone above)
  18. Coleville Management Area (BLM)
  19. Coso Range Wilderness (BLM)
  20. Coxcomb Mountain (BLM) (South of Sheephole Valley Wilderness)
  21. Crater Mountain Area (BLM)
  22. Eagle Mountain (BLM)
  23. East Mesa Area (BLM)
  24. Fish Slough Ecological Reserve
  25. French Valley Wildlife Area
  26. Granite Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  27. Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
  28. Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
  29. Imperial National Wildlife Refuge
  30. Imperial Wildlife Area
  31. Indian Joe Ecological Reserve
  32. Inyo Mountains Wilderness
  33. Jacumba Wilderness, Smuggler’s Cave (BLM)
  34. Juniper Flats (BLM)
  35. Kelso Peak & Old Dad Mnts Wildlife Area
  36. Kingston Range Wilderness (BLM)
  37. Lake Perris State Recreation Area
  38. Little Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  39. Little Maria Mountain, near Palen McCoy Wilderness (BLM)
  40. Long Valley Management Area (BLM)
  41. Lower Centennial Flat (BLM)
  42. Marble Mountains Wildlife Area
  43. Mesquite Wilderness Area
  44. Mojave Desert Preserve (BLM)
  45. Mojave National Preserve (NPS)
  46. Mono Lake Basin Area (BLM)
  47. Mule Mountains (BLM)
  48. Nelson Range (BLM)
  49. North Algodones Dunes Wilderness (BLM)
  50. North Mesquite Mountains Wilderness
  51. Oasis Springs Ecological Reserve
  52. Old Woman Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  53. Ord Mountain Route Network (BLM)
  54. Orocopia Mountains Wilderness
  55. Owens Lake Management Area
  56. Palen/McCoy Wilderness (BLM)
  57. Palo Verde Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  58. Palo Verde Ecological Reserve
  59. Panamint Range (BLM)
  60. Perris Reservoir State Recreation Area
  61. Picacho Peak Wilderness
  62. Picacho State Recreation Area
  63. Piute Creek Ecological Reserve
  64. Piute Mountains (BLM)
  65. Providence Mountains State Recreation Area
  66. River Spring Lakes Ecological Reserve
  67. Riverside Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  68. Sacramento Mountain (BLM)
  69. Saline Valley Ecological Reserve
  70. Salt Creek Hills Management Area (BLM)
  71. San Berardino National Forest (San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains)
  72. San Bernardino Mountains
  73. San Felipe Creek Ecological Reserve
  74. San Jacinto Mountains
  75. San Jacinto Wildlife Area
  76. San Sebastian Marsh, Salton Sea (BLM)
  77. Sierra Nevada Mountains
  78. Smuggler’s Cave Area (Jacumba Wilderness)
  79. South Benton Area (BLM)
  80. Stateline Wilderness (BLM)
  81. Turtle Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  82. West Mojave Desert Ecological Reserve
  83. West Owens Valley Area (BLM)
  84. West Panamint Mountains Management Area (BLM)
  85. Whipple Mountains Wilderness (BLM)
  86. Whitewater Canyon Area (BLM)
  87. Yuha Desert Recreation Area (BLM)

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